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Street Kids Project

The street kids are currently the most at-risk children in the city. Some of them are being trafficked and abused and forced to beg on the streets to feed them selves. These kids are faced with a daily struggle for survival and they have no other choice. Working with local social workers and outreach assistance building relationships with these kids and their families. In cases that need assistance it is better to place a child in safe and restorative care if available in any partner organizations.

This project is to help prevent trafficking, abuse and exploitation of children. Our goal to assist street children that are in need, providing healing, restoration, counseling and much needed love to children that are victims of abuse and exploitation. Encourage them to be strong building their confidence, hope and spiritual life to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Most of the children are on the streets because their families are poor and do not have education. They come from broken homes or sick parents that are unable to work and support the family. Families and children are forced in to poverty, have no choice but send their kids to the streets for work. Some of the street kids are local, many of them are refugees from Burma Cambodia or Laos. Sold and now have to work to pay back their dept. They struggle each day to sell their stuff. Often they work twelve hour days with little food and no rest.

Many street children have not met their parents because they were left as babies. According to research the number of street kids only in Thailand rose to 30000 in 2010 and the numbers are rising. After the crises many organizations that were working with street kids closed their doors do to financial problems. Children had no choice but go back to the streets. Many children as young as six years old live in the areas around Bangkoks train station and under bridges without any adult supervision. These orphans and runaways searching for food. They often exploited including sexually. As time goes on they begin to trust no one.

We provide funding to enroll and keep children in school. Helping families in need as well. Working with other organizations monitoring kids and their families to make sure that the children get education they need.

Also we would like to train teenagers to get skills like repair, cooking and agriculture that will provide employment and freedom from poverty to have income for them and their families. We hope that our project will grow and we will be able to create a safe place for these at-risk children helping them to build a safer and better future.

You can help to make a difference in life of these vulnerable children by providing financial donation. Every dollar makes a difference. You have the power to change their future. Donate life to a child that has no chance in life on his own.
Brian Houston said ,, God created you to make a difference not just to make a living''
If you can not donate but want to be a part of this project, please share about our ministry with your friends. God Bless You abundantly ..

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