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Families in desperate needs

Families in desperate needs

In the spring of 2014 we met some people from Issan (north of Thailand)
they told us a very sad story about one family that really struggle and asking for help.
Roy is a single mom, handicap with two children live in poverty.
Two years ago she was ok and somehow managed to support her family, then something happened and her legs got weaker and weaker and now she can not walk.
Life became very hard.

Doctors can not give her the answer why it happened and all she can do now is go to hospital two times a month for an IV .
She has two pressious children,10 years old son and 8 years old daughter. It is now impossible for her to support the children.
Roy says that she is very tired from her sickness and sometimes she wants to die but she worries about her little children that no body will take care of them.
They live in a little shed, the roof is leaking when it's raining. All the savings are spent, they have no money and children can not go to school anymore because there is no finances for it. Sometimes they go to bed hungry, some days they cook the leaves from banana tree so they can eat something to fight the hunger. They have relatives that live not to far but they don't have enough to support Roy's family.

Once in a while her relatives share a mill with them or pay for transportation to the hospital .
Every day Roy and here children pray and hope that somehow their life will be better but Roy says it is only a dream that can not become true without somebody's help.
In October we are planing a trip to Thailand and we will visit the family.

We really want to help this family and make it possible for children to stay in school to get the education they need.
If you would like to help us supporting this family and other family's like Roy's , please donate to Key For New Life.
God bless you abundantly and fulfill all your needs.

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